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Second Life’s Immersive Sequel Is World-Building at Its Finest

Through immersive world-building, 'Sansar' wants to make VR social.
DJ Pangburn
Video Games

Classic Video Games 'Contra' and 'Castlevania' Get a Design Facelift

The iconic 80s games get brand new poster art and soundtrack LPs.
DJ Pangburn
Video Games

The Starving Artist Simulator Is Everything You Ever Wanted—Minus the Debt!

Do you have what it takes to balance rent, baguette, and wine costs while making your art career flourish?
Andrew Nunes
Video Games

Gamers Designed This Stunning Claymation Video Game Entirely By Hand

Everything in 'Harold Halibut', from the clothes to the rusted furniture, was designed, cut, sewn, and painted IRL.
Nathaniel Ainley
virtual reality

America's Largest Virtual Reality Experience Center Just Opened in New York

VR World wants to be the bridge between you and the loud, confusing world of virtual reality.
Beckett Mufson
Video Games

Colorful Map Charts Video Game Popularity Worldwide

The real question is, can a search engine result show us deeper connections to want fans want from games globally?
Giaco Furino

SEGA Just Put a Bunch of Legendary Games On Your Smartphone

Sonic the Hedgehog, anyone?
Nathaniel Ainley
contemporary art

These Graphite Sketches Personify the Beautiful Disorder of the Internet

Since high school, Jeanette Hayes has archived hundreds of thousands of images from the surface web.
Antwaun Sargent
Video Games

This Museum Lets You Play 23 Classic Video Games from the 80s

An interactive exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image recreates the once grand youth entertainment complex.
Diana Shi
music videos

[Premiere] Ever Turn into a Plate of Spaghetti and Get Eaten By a Skeleton? Then You’ll Relate to This Video

The video for Beans’ latest, “Diamond Wizard,” follows a guy being chased through surreal 3D worlds by a dream-manipulating sorcerer.
Kevin Holmes
video art

In 2065, a Military Satellite Becomes Self-Aware—and Wants to Become an Artist

In ‘Geomancer,’ London-based artist Lawrence Lek imagines the artificial intelligences of the future as curious creatives.
DJ Pangburn

Iconic Street Artist Invader Invites Kids to Play His Work Like Video Games

The iconic French street artist is inviting the public, especially kids, to play inside his world.
DJ Pangburn