Sound Art

This Company Will Turn Your Favorite Song Into an Ink Splotch

US-based design company Vibrato creates meaningful abstract artworks of your favorite songs or wedding vows.
Beatrice Barkholz
Sound Art

Massive Robotic Instrument Turns Smartphone Data into Sounds

Using hardware and software, artist Andrius Šarapovas created a massive musical composer.
DJ Pangburn
Performance Art

Artist Figured Out How To Control Water With Her Mind

An EEG, a few speakers, and some metal plates filled with water compose the artist's brain wave-bending installations.
Beckett Mufson

Portuguese Laser Artists Opened a Cosmic Portal in a Parking Garage

Laser machines project an array of dynamic light patterns on to the walls of Silo-Auto.
Nathaniel Ainley
music video

Every Sound in This Music Video Generates a Different CG Object, and It’s Mesmerizing

Victor Doval’s algorithm-based music video visualizes the driving sound of Meier & Erdmann’s new single, "Howler Monkey."
Nathaniel Ainley
digital art

Rawr! Gnash Your Teeth to These Jurassic Park Inspired Digi-Collages

The 26th issue of FELT Zine features gritty collages by audio visual artist Diego Navarro.
Nathaniel Ainley
50 states of art

The Performance Artist Fusing Mayan Rituals, Hip-Hop, and Punk | #50StatesofArt

How Irvin Morazan went from a Ricky Martin impersonator living in El Salvador to an outspoken, multimedia performance artist based in Virginia.
DJ Pangburn
MIDI art

A Brief History of Artists Turning Pictures into Music and Vice Versa

MIDI art is nothing new.
DJ Pangburn

A Virtual Rainstorm Fills the Houston Cistern

Multidirectional flashes of light flicker and dance across hundreds of columns inside the dark architectural void of the Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.
DJ Pangburn

Meet the Artist Pickling Film In Tear Gas Remedies

Basim Magdy's colorful oeuvere of various mediums hints at a complex future.
B. David Zarley

Digital Art and Electronic Music Warp Reality at this French Festival

At this year’s electronic music and arts festival Transient, digital arts explore man vs. machine.
DJ Pangburn

At MoMA, Revolutionary Russian Art Provides a Roadmap for Artistic Dissent

MoMA is tracing the history of artistic movements in Russia from 1912 to 1930.
DJ Pangburn