Zolloc's Newest GIFs Feature More Melting, More Gyrating Plasmatic Objects

Pumping pistons, roiling plasmatic floors, and a ball of arms await you in Zolloc's latest GIF set.

mages via Zolloc

Over the summer, Hayden Zezula, a.k.a., Zolloc, wowed the web with his gelatinous GIF set, depicting fluid, surreal "micro worlds" with elegant CGI panache. Since then, he's continued to build his repertoire of surreal people, places, and things with his signature Cinema 4D and Photoshop combination. These new GIFs represent some new territory for Zolloc, including collaborations with fellow GIF artists Luke Doyle and Gareth Fowler, injecting a fresh set of aesthetic elements, including Fowler's mesmerizing pistons, into the animator's work.

"I love working with artists who do very different work than I do; taking elements from other creators and meshing them with my ideas," Zezula told The Creators Project. "I collab with artists who I think are really talented and don't necessarily get the attention they should be getting." These GIFs are the definition of synergy.

Check out the new GIFs, which range from charming textures to creepy zoetropic appendages, below:

for kate

collab w/ skiphursh






playing around with looping displacement textures

playing around with looping displacement textures

turbulencea garethfowler x zolloc collab

turbulence, a garethfowler x zolloc collab



I/O.gif collab w/ lukeyd !

I/O, .gif collab w/ lukeyd !

Find the rest of Zolloc's work, and keep up to date on his projects, by visiting his website here.


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