Zero-G Simulator Lets You Float Through an Oculus Rift Space Station

Virtual reality designer Martin Schubert's 'Weightless' uses Magic Leap motion capture software to give you virtual hands as you float through a space station in Oculus Rift.

Even as space tourism becomes a reality, escaping Earth's atmosphere is still well outside the average person's price range. Virtual reality designer Martin Schubert has what might be a viable substitute in Weightless, a space station simulator that lets you nudge floating objects around with your hands. The current demo version is a submission to the Leap Motion 3D Jam game design competition, taking full advantage of Leap Motion's innovative motion-tracking capabilities to create an experience absent from traditional video games. Writes Schubert, "The idea of gently nudging and inspecting objects in micro gravity would be very difficult with a traditional control scheme but with the Leap it feels really natural."

Schubert says that Weightless has been downloaded about 1,000 times thus far, and he expects to release a full version by the end of next year.

Visit Schubert's website here to keep up with the development of Weightless.


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