Zegon Came to The Creators Project Office Yesterday!

<p>The N.A.S.A Creator tells us a bit about some new projects.</p>

Yesterday, Zegon dropped by our office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to announce that he’s in the process of making five—yes, five—different mixtapes! One half of the N.A.S.A. dynasty, he added that he intends to put them out simultaneously, and that he plans on letting everyone in on the intimate secrets behind his masterplan on our site very soon. For now, he’s only saying he’s been really into music from the 60s lately, which means this should be something entirely new and excellent. Check the sneak peek above!

Actually, that he came by the Creators Project office at all is completely insane—Zegon is a workhorse of unimaginable dimensions, spinning practically every night in between his producing duties. The day before yesterday he was was playing records at a night hosted by João Gordo. Before that he was spinning with Mano Brown and his crew, Bang Johnson. Later this week he’ll be down at Bar Secreto. When we asked if he couldn’t give us anything more about the new music, he offered up a little nugget: “I’m gonna focus more on electronica, but I always leave some space for rap,” he explains. Thanks for coming by, Zegon!