Amon Tobin Inspires A Deceitful Landscape

<p>Daniel Schwarz&#8217;s audiovisual installation <i>Piece Of Paper</i>, makes smart use of optical illusions.</p>

Guillaume Medina

The new media arts communities around the world not only share a common agenda and some new technologies, but also a certain type of source material and common influences. Among them is Brazilian Creator and "sound alchemist" Amon Tobin, who is quickly turning into a muse for young creative minds (perhaps inspired by his prolific ISAM live show).

Recently, we discovered a strange 3D structure, created by a German design studio, that flexed and fluctuated in sync with Tobin’s "Foleyroom." This time, Tobin's experimental tunes were picked up to accompany a spectacularly deceptive audiovisual installation created by Daniel Schwarz.

Using his IT skills to construct interactive installations and generative designs, Schwarz shot Piece Of Paper, a striking artwork based on illusion and deceitful trickery, on the creative-friendly Canon 5D Mark II camera. He also built the artificial set from lightweight paper sculptures—projecting jerky animations made from cold geometric shapes onto the playful structures. By doing so, he stages a fake perception of reality that unveils itself as a dynamic and decadent landscape.

Schwartz explores the very fine line between reality and mirage, and is able to mislead and deceive us by turning a precarious DIY installation into a monumental and obscure stage design. Immersed in a thick fog, the installation is hit by intermittent flashes of light. With this stroboscopic effect, the projections, synched with Tobin's electronic waves, turn very basic folded papers into a vast panoramic sculpture.