You Won't Believe Your Eyes As William Betts Recreates Digital Images With Acrylic Paint

<p>These canvas-based works romanticize the look and feel of the digital aesthetic.</p>

We’re all familiar with digital interpretations of traditional art, like Scott Garner’s Still Life or Petros Vrellis’ Starry Night (interactive animation). Even Instagram plays on this notion by digitally recreating analog-looking photography—all of these and many more romanticize or interpret the aesthetic of the past but are mediated and manipulated by the digital.

William Betts is an artist who flips this idea on its head and instead does the opposite—he romanticizes the digital using traditional techniques. An established painter his work focuses on the aesthetic of pixel-based imagery, painting individual pixels to create a series of works that appear to be low-resolution pictures or video stills.

Like a Lichtenstein but for photography these images appear—from a distance—to be screen grabbed shots taken from CCTV or digital cameras, when in reality they’re reproduced using acrylic paint on canvas.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]