Download Daft Punk's New Single "Get Lucky" Now!

The wait is finally over, the first single off <i>Random Access Memories</i> has been officially released.

It's got to be one of the most anticipated albums in the history of space-time. Or, at least, it deserves that kind of hyperbolic statement because the teasers and snippets we've been drip fed over the past few weeks show that it's going to be something incredibly special.

Last weekend a sequined Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell Williams gave the world one minute of the funky guitars and smooth vocals that feature on new single "Get Lucky"—and it's been blowing up on the internet all week.

But now the single, titled "Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [feat. Pharrell Williams]", has officially arrived and you can go download it here!

And if you missed it earlier in the week, the track list for Random Access Memories was released on Vine:

If you haven't yet, you can watch the first four episodes of our series The Collaborators, which looks at the artists and producers who collaborated on Random Access Memories, below.

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Episode 2 - Todd Edwards

Episode 2 - Nile Rodgers

Episode 4 - Pharrell Williams