Yoshi Sodeoka's GIF Psychedelica Will Make Your Brain Hurt

<p>We&#8217;re not sure what these gifs have been eating, but maybe they should see a doctor.</p>

We’re big fans of GIFs here at The Creators Project and also of NYC’s most mind-bending pixel pusher, Yoshi Sodeoka, so when those two things combine to form the chromatic eruptions that are his GIF Psychedelica, we couldn’t help but share them.

His series of prog rock-inspired videos were brain-dissolving enough, but with these pixelated explosions of color you’ll be on the floor, foaming at the mouth (in a good way). So if the winter weather is keeping your outlook a dull shade of gray, then these should liven things up a bit—so long as you’re not seizure-prone. You can find the rest of the series here.