Yorgo Alexopoulos' Newest 2.5 And 3D Animations Debut At Times Square Hotel, Row NYC

The new projections feature animations timed over the course of "one New York City day."

When we last left off, New York graffiti artist-turned-graphic animator Yorgo Alexopoulos was opening our eyes to the world of 2.5D animation with his 24-channel installation, Transmigrations. Since we ran the video piece, the artist has been hard at work both personally and for collaborations, including his newest works for brand new Times Square high-rise hotel, Row NYC.

Commissioned by the hotel, the rest of whose interior was designed by Gabellini Shepard Associates, Yorgos' new pieces feature the artist's work projected onto two massive light sculptures, with animations timed to span the course of, as Highgate Holdings, the firm behind Row NYC put it, "A New York City day. "

With permission from the artist, Row NYC sent us some exclusive images from Alexopoulos' new installation, viewable below: 

Visit RowNYC.com to see more of Yorgo's dazzling new works, and for more information on the new boutique resort.  

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