Yoolhee Ko Creates Futuristic Jewelry Fit For Star Trek

<p>Korean jewelry-designer Yoolhee Ko uses connection to the past to project the future.</p>

Yoolhee Ko is an avant-garde Korean jewelry designer who’s built up a bit of a rep for sharp angles and oversized plastic thanks to her wild, geometric accessory designs. The featured collection, called Reflection, is composed of visually striking, prism-shaped accessories for men that look like something straight out of the wardrobe for TRON or Daft Punk’s tour closet.

The collection attempts to explore the notion of cognition through memory. While our society seems to be fueled by technological strides, Ko believes we manage to exist through our links to the past. “I'm telling the story of what prism and reflection could represent by its diversity and beauty itself,” says Ko in her artist statement. “Then it linked me back to the image of Star Trek that had been filmed ages ago. It still provides us fresh, undead and eye throwing visuals.”

The artist’s designs resemble a prism, which at first appears transparent and singular, but reflects chromatic colors when light shines through. By embedding her own experiences and perceptions into her designs, Ko's pieces project new images through the act of reflection. Ko hopes her users will experience an equally reflective form of catharsis when they wear her designs.

By using our relationship with the past to build a future, Ko incorporates innovative and conceptual ideas into the art of jewelry design. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll someday get our paws on that super dope chain necklace.

Images courtesy of Zeb Damen and Frederik Heyman.