Yasuaki Onishi Captures Impressions Of Negative Space In reverse of volume

<p>A translucent sheet suspended by hundreds of black adhesive strands, this installation let&#8217;s you experience the in between.</p>

Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi improvises the ambiguity of negative space.

First produced in 2009 and currently resurrected at Houston’s Rice Gallery, reverse of volume employs a technique that Onishi calls “casting the invisible.” He drapes a large semi-translucent sheet over randomly stacked cardboard boxes that function as a skeletal model. Using long, sinewy strands of black-dyed hot glue, he adheres the plastic sheet to the ceiling at many different points. From there, he removes the boxes from below and the plastic sheet remains, magnificently suspended and molded to various impressions of negative space.

reverse of volume allows viewers to experience a space that becomes artistically relevant when the subject of the shape, the cardboard boxes, are removed.

[Photo: Rice Gallery]