Would You Wear The World's First Interactive Glowing Shirt?

<p>The next wave of wireless illuminated fashion.</p>

Southern California-based company, Glow Threads, is claiming to have designed the first interactive glow-in-the-dark T-shirt, ushering in the new wave of illuminated fashion that’s completely wireless.

Unlike EL wire or LED-fitted clothing, these T-shirts are made with a special UV material that allows you to light paint your body without being plugged in. The only downside is that the glowing effect fades after 15 minutes.

As seen in the video, you can draw on the T-shirt by touching the UV keychain (included with purchase of the tee) directly to the fabric, or upgrade to the UV laser that enables you to draw from up to 40 feet away.

It seems pretty obvious that Glow Threads is targeting the vast and youth-oriented EDM scene, but they would be smart to tweak their branding to appeal to a more fashion-oriented tech-savvy audience. It’s a good enough idea—matched with the right price point—to really turn some heads.

[via PSFK]