Peak Condition: A Raccoon And A Slice Of Toast Discuss Their Lives

<p>This slice of toast sure is clever.</p>

Kevin Holmes

Reminiscent of Aardman Studios’ long-running series Creature Comforts—which features the voices of the British public recast as plasticine animals—Peak Condition from Laura Jane Favela doesn’t feature the British public, but shares the same inane quality and interview setup that is the series’ hallmark. In Peak Condition, a raccoon and a slice of toast speak about their lives.

Just to give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into, the slice of toast is a 700 year old strategist who considers himself part of an elite group that is here to wait for the end of days. He also likes to show “photographs” of himself in a triangle dancing under a rainbow. So, pretty insane. Then again, you’re the one watching a video about a crazy slice of toast and a talking raccoon. Nurse!