South Korea's Will Do Just About Anything For Money

<p>The art and design collective wears many hats, including as musicians, designers, filmmakers, and just about anything you can think of.</p>

Aug 31 2011, 5:54pm

Art collectives and collaborative creative processes have been the driving forces behind many of the 20th century’s most influential movements: from Dada to Fluxus to Warhol’s Factory to the Guerrilla Girls and countless others. There’s something about their multi-disciplinary style and combinatorial approach to creativity that breeds the most revolutionary, earth-shattering ideas. Appropriately, this predisposition to collaboration extends to today’s most avant-garde creative studios.

South Korea’s is one such collective of artists, designers, musicians and programmers working on commercial and non-commercial projects in Seoul. The group came together, like so many collectives do, as a bunch of drinking buddies. Through hanging out and sharing their respective creative efforts with one another, they eventually were inspired to try their hand at making something together, which resulted in the self-published magazine Monthly Vampire. For the quirky quarterly publication, the group produced every component from start to finish, including original articles, design and even an original soundtrack that accompanied the zine in CD form.

The magazine in turn became a catalyst for other projects, and over the years the group has developed a thriving practice as electronic musicians, graphic designers, filmmakers, computer programmers and more. As they state in our mini documentary above, they’ll do just about anything their fans or clients will ask of them… aside from committing murder or some other such unsavory task.

Watch the full doc above and check out some of their other work below, including a music video and music performance.