Bringing Trending Topics Back To The Days Of Moveable Type

<p><i>Out Of Print</i> aggregates trends into nonsensical news headlines.</p>

Nov 28 2012, 12:08am

Lots of people have tried to make sense of our complex and constantly evolving relationship with digital media, but often this analysis paints a skewed picture of what we know to be true. It’s hard to draw definite conclusions about it because our involvement with the technology we use is so abstract. So, perhaps creative expressions of this relationship should be equally abstract.

That’s the idea behind Out Of Print, a project by designers Roma Levin, James Cuddy, Danilo Di Cuia, and several design students at Goldsmiths College. Users used an online app to generate nonsensical headlines derived from trending news topics, which were then printed onto paper using an old school printing press with distinct moveable type, each one under an “Out Of Print” letter head. The end product is an array of headlines that discuss actual topics, but mix them up into madness.