Winged Humans Fight Giant Human Spiders In Freaky Animation Hominid

<p>Brian Andrews merges human and animal forms using an x-ray aesthetic.</p>

Hominid from Brian Andrews on Vimeo.

With a compelling yet disturbing aesthetic, Brian Andrews’ short animation Hominid imagines a world of flying human forms and giant human spiders, that are presented as though the viewer had x-ray vision. Meaning you can see through these creatures and peer into the skeletal workings that go on under their bizarre exteriors.

The animation is based on images Andrews created using human and veterinary x-ray films, some of which you can see below, which would account for their freakish human/animal hybrid forms. Try let them not to plague your dreams too much.

Winged Hominid

Amphibian Hominid

Six-Armed Hominid

Images: Brian Andrews

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]