Who Needs A Camera When You’ve Got A Digestive Tract?

<p>Two students use their bodies to capture stunning images.</p>

If you like the idea of seeing what foods see as they go in and out of your body, you'll probably like the idea behind this project, Inside Out, from Luke Evans and Josh Lake. Both are first year students studying Graphic Design and Photography and decided to find out what would happen if they swallowed individual frames of 35mm film and let their bodies do the rest.

They designed small capsules to put the film in to so that the sharp edges wouldn't cause any serious harm, but would still allow the chemicals of the body to wash over the film. They then swallowed the capsules and waited until it was time for the body to do its thing and out they came.

The effect of the body's digestive process made marks on the film, which was washed then put under a scanning electron microscope to create these beautiful (if slightly alien-looking) images.

The images have been blown up to large prints and are currently being exhibited at the Pilot exhibition at Hoxton Gallery, London.