When Haute-Couture Becomes Haute-Tech

<p>Illuminated <span class="caps">LED</span> head-pieces from Japan’s Mintdesigns</p>

From Lady Gaga's dynamite brazier to Fergie's twinkling Super Bowl halftime costume, haute-tech fashion has exploded on a variety of stages. Today, we return to fashion's epitomic stage, the catwalk, with perhaps a quainter and subtler technologically tailored flair.

Recently Mintdesigns, a label launched in 2001 by Japanese fashion designers Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi, presented their F/W 2011 collection New Hope. The collection focused on basic geometric shapes and linear silhouettes, boasting simple lines and outfits doused in a refreshingly vibrant palette. Not to mention the tech touch that blindingly caught our eye—the abstract illuminated LED headpieces that adorned the heads of each strutting model. These Jetsons-meet-mod-meet-haute-couture accessories might seem out-of-this-world, but manage to look chic with Mintdesigns’ tasteful execution.

Backstage photos: Yume Takakura

[via Triangulation Blog]