What Do Your Instagram Photos Sound Like?

<p>Coming soon: Instagram projects you can smell and taste, too.</p>

Like pretty much everyone we know, we’re completely addicted to Instagram. The free photo app has made artists out of us all, turning the average, humdrum cellphone snapshot of your last trip to the beach, afternoon snack, or ironic purchase into gorgeous artsy photos, courtesy of the app’s photo filters and effects. The social component is a nice touch, too, as every “like” sends our egos soaring.

But as much as we love Instagram for enabling us to take great photos without having to take the time to actually learn how to do so, we couldn’t help but feel like something was missing from the experience. Enter digital designer Alex Harding, who has an idea to expand the sensory impact of the app, asking himself—What would Instagram sound like?

Harding documented a recent day at the beach through sight and sound, recording voice memos alongside his snapshots. He then collaged the images in sync with the audio clips to create the short slideshow embedded above. It’s titled simply “Day Out at the Beach,” in true to-the-point Instagram fashion.

Harding’s venture was partly inspired by Jonathan Harris’ Today project, for which Harris took one photo a day for over a year. His final 440-frame product became a meaningful representation of one year of the artist’s life, and ruminated on the role that photography plays in our modern lives. Harris explained, "I wanted to find a way to be more in the moment, to be more in every day, to understand time more, to understand my own life more, to have more memories…it gave me this enhanced awareness for life."

Harding also noticed that when replaying his creation, “the photos…come to life, allowing you to remember and relive as if you were there, which the alternative, video, can sometimes overcomplicate. It's the halfway point that allows you to document the best bits with the pros of each medium.”

“Day Out at the Beach” offers a fun foray into small-scale multimedia experiments, and the best part is that Instagram projects are enhanced with input from the community—so you’re welcome to help Harding refine the idea.

[via PSFK]