What Do These Texture Mapped Sculptures Of Human Forms Remind You Of?

<p>Artist Kohei Nawa&#8217;s manipulateds human surfaces in his <i><span class="caps">TRANS</span></i> series.</p>

You can imagine that this is what Han Solo would have looked like if, instead of carbonite, he was sealed in a layer of white chocolate. Some of the ones below resemble more nutty candy mixtures. But rather than imprisoning space mercenaries, Kohei Nawa built his sculpture series Trans by scanning human forms and manipulating the models’ surface textures, altering the 3D data to achieve these bubbly forms. The process is known as “texture mapping.” According to Nawa, "The completed form of the model with fluid three dimensional surface is like a form that is parallel with this world, or a form which any subject or being can have."

Not totally sure if he’s saying that some people have the power to alter their surface texture, but if so, this is probably what it would look like if you walked in on them while they’re in the middle of it.