Feeling Creative? Make Some GIFs And We'll Help You Show Them Off To The World

Put your GIF-making skills to the test and send us in your handiwork.

GIFs are the gifts that keep on GIFing. OK, that was a terrible, terrible pun but stay with us. Stay and consider showing us what you've got in the skill stakes when it comes to the art of the GIF.

Last week Mr. GIF showed us how to make GIFs with a handy video tutorial, which you can watch above. And now we want The Creators Project communitythat means youto show us what you've got. So, ingest the above, dust off your copy of Photoshop and get stuck in to making some GIFs from public artworks.

It doesn't matter what type of public artwork it is, just whatever inspires you. Make it, then send your masterpiece to us via email or leave a link to the GIF in the comments below, and we'll showcase them across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and here on the blog so the world can see.

Here's two examples of some public artworks that would make cool GIFs: Doug Aitken's recently unveiled Mirror on the facade of the Seattle Art Museum and Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago.

For further inspiration check out Mr. GIF's "Heard NY" GIFs, below.

Now Go!