We Made a Music Video For Phoenix

<p>Phoenix, live in London.</p>

While shooting the Phoenix documentary for The Creators Project, we were lucky enough to film a performance of "Lizstomania," the undeniably catchy song that the band has been using to open all of its live shows recently.

Our Creators cameras were also allowed backstage to document the brilliantly dramatic, theatrical lighting design courtesy of the band's light engineer Joakin Faxvaag. The design for the song, created using custom patches made through Quartz Composer, was inspired by the work of legendary light-writer Dan Flavin. The band firmly believes in the synesthetic effects of properly coordinated sound and light barrages. As guitarist Laurent Brancowitz puts it "light can really transform your brain waves, so we use it as a very powerful tool to change the blood chemistry of the audience."

If you've experienced "Lizstomania" live, please let us all know if Brancowitz is right. We're particularly interested in descriptions of altered blood chemistry.