Watch The 80s VHS Version Of Game Of Thrones

If GoT had been around in the 80s, it would have looked just like this.

In the Game of Internet Memes, you win—or you die. Game of Thrones, unsurprisingly, is currently winning. Weeks after the season finale shocked web-savvy viewers the world over, the Internet continues to pump out delightful re-imaginings of its favorite lords, ladies, peasants, and fire-breathing reptiles. 

The latest calls upon the nostalgia-inducing tropes of 80s television, reformatting the insanely catchy Game of Thrones intro into a cheesy, montage-tastic sequence that MacGyver would be proud of. This reimagining includes all the major characters—now in various states of life, death, and disrepair on the actual show—and even features the dated static and tracking lines that characterized most wornout VHS tapes. We dare you not to notice how crazy it is that all the hairstyles in Westeros would have been strangely appropriate in the 80s. Coincidence? We think not.


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