Watch Mirrors Morph a Kandinsky Painting into a Mondrian

The masters have more in common than you'd think.

Using an array of mirrors, Berlin-based interaction designer Florian Born turns Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue into Mondrian’s Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray.

The mind-bending wonder of abstract art is that the potential abstractions are infinite, or nearly so. Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian were two of the 20th century’s’ most famous abstract artists. Lumped into the same general art category because they share some similarities in their use of lines, geometric shapes and colors, their individual output and styles couldn’t be more different.

And it’s this interplay of similarity and contrast that Berlin-based interaction designer and artist Florian Born explores in the installation, Encoded Mirrors. Of course, the title also suggests these paintings function, both as distinct piece and in Born’s installation, as through-the-looking-glass versions of each other. Born does this by using static mirrors on a cube, which reflect the Kandinsky painting hung on a wall. Watch it in action below:

From a certain distance and height, in what Born calls “the sweetspot,” viewers will see the Mondrian painting assemble itself on the array. “The whole image is just constructed by redirecting the sight to different spots located on the Kandinsky painting,” Born says.

Click here to check out more of Florian Born’s work.


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