Watch Every Twilight Zone Ever At The Same Time For Maximum Insanity

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of total mindmeld.

Every "Twilight Zone" episode, ever. 

What's that? Looking to catch up on your Twilight Zone viewing? Don't worry. YouTube user Omni Verse has you covered. Omni has mashed together all 156 episodes of the iconic sci-fi series for your viewing-listening (dis)pleasure. It's dizzying, hellish, oddly Zen cacophony. 

And in what has to be one of the most heroic tedium I've come across on the Internet today, Omni has done the same sort of all-emcompassing synchronization with a slew of other classic sci-fi shows. Hitting play on any of them—or letting them all ring out simultaneously, like I'm doing right now—stirs up a din that variously crawls like a very relevant noise band, the inside of a jet engine, and swarms of locusts sent to destroy all humanity. 

Anyway, here's all 178 episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation:

Here's all 178 episodes (what is this, the Twilight Zone?) of Tom Baker-era Doctor Who:

Here's all 14 episodes of The Planet of the Apes: 

And finally, all 90 episodes of Knight Rider:

If your ears aren't bleeding (or if they are), remember: Everything sounds beautiful slower