Watch Pianist Yoshiki Battle A Holographic Version Of Himself

Though it's no resurrected Tupac, this could easily be the most dramatic duet of the past year.

Though it's no resurrected Tupac, pianist Yoshiki's SXSW performance where he piano-battled a holographic version of himself is one of the coolest uses of holographic technology we've seen since, well, yesterday when we wrote about Eric Prydz's impending Ultra Music Festival installation that includes the largest hologram ever.

Whirling through classical crescendos and sonic flourishes, Yoshiki blew the Austin audience's mind as he competed against himself in arguably the most dramatic of any SXSW performance. Watch the heroic duet above, but let us know who else you'd like to see battle themselves on stage in the comments section. We're thinking a Kanye West vs. Kanye West performance would be hard to top. 

H/T Gizmodo