Wander Through A Digital Amusement Park In XYZT

<p>Adrien M and Claire B have created an interactive exhibition that combines digital art, interactivity and performing art.</p>

What could have been a intriguing catch phrase for a Young Adult conspiracy crypto-Biblical bestseller is just the beginning of the description for XYZT, Les paysages abstraits, an exhibition taking place this fall in Grenoble, France. Created and curated by the digital art duo Adrien M and Claire B, the exhibition displays an impressive series of interactive light installations set in complete darkness, creating a setting so immersive you’ll feel like you’re touring a digital amusement park.

Since his artistic breakthrough in the mid-2000s, Adrien Mondot has pledged to reconcile the digital art and performing arts worlds by methodically undermining the borders and conventional oppositions between technology and the human body. To help him with such a difficult endeavor, he built eMotion, a custom computer program that has since become his trusty sidekick. This visual programming software can create interactive animations in real time and is now widely used within the creative coding community.

This year, Mondot was joined by fellow artist Claire Bardainne, with whom he decided to set up XYZT, Les paysages abstraits. Together they try to find ways to combine physical movements with graphic visuals, to create a digital maze inhabited by human guinea pigs.

The combination of contemporary dance and digital landscape was already at the core of Cinématique, one of the duo’s former projects that looked like a Tron-inspired aerial ballet. For XYZT, they decided to stage various installations or, as they call them, "mathematic paradoxes, typographic illusions, metaphors in motion," along a digital path that allow the passers by to "feel the algorithms, feel the materiality of light". Anamorphose spatiale, which makes you walk on a digitally liquefied surface, and Nuées mouvantes, a swarm of flying virtual insects that mimic your movements, are just two of the installations depicted in the video above.