Horizontal Swimming Pools Jut Out Of This Sky-high Apartment Building

<p>Sky Condos is a bold and daring design for a residential building in Lima, Peru from <span class="caps">DCPP</span> Arquitectos .</p>

Aug 30 2012, 8:00pm

We’re big fans of bold and daring architectural design concepts—be they futuristic elevators to space or a floating cloud structures designed for traveling the world—but this new skyrise concept from Mexican architecture studio DCPP Arquitectos is certainly one that will appeal to the daredevils among us. Called Sky Condos, the 20-story apartment building features one majorly jaw-dropping (nose-diving?) feature: cantilevered swimming pools that jut out into the air, sans railings.

The architects would build this sleek, modern monolith in an upscale area of Lima, Peru. Their goal was to “create an icon for the future” by playing with the relationship between exterior and interior life and public and private areas. “We believe that an apartment shouldn't lack exterior spaces,” they write on Dezeen, “this is why our main space in each apartment is the exterior public area which contains the pool and a series of terraces that bring dynamism to the whole tower.”

[via Dezeen]