Virtual Keyboard Turns Vibrations Into Keystrokes

<p>Florian Kräutli&#8217;s Vibrative Virtual Keyboard means a piece of paper functions as a portable keyboard.</p>

Vibrative Virtual Keyboard from Florian Kräutli on Vimeo.

One problem with the whole migration from PCs to mobile devices is the lack of a decent keyboard. If we’re truly going to wave goodbye to laptops and the like, then we need something that has the usability of a desktop keyboard. As it stands, smartphone and tablet keyboards suck, unless your goal is to send badly punctuated, misspelt text messages.

Sure there are a lot of add-on keyboards, but they all seem cumbersome and in opposition to the portability of the device itself. So maybe something like the Vibrative Virtual Keyboard from Florian Kräutli is the answer, which uses a paper keyboard, custom software, and an iPhone’s accelerometer to translate vibrations on a table into keystrokes.

It means any surface can become a keyboard as the accelerometer combined with the software measure the tapping to work out what letter is being typed. The prototype isn’t perfect though, it currently has about 80% accuracy so autocorrect lends a helping hand whenever there are errors.

[via designboom]