Viral Style: "Smart" Jewellery, Algaculture Fashion, And Shark Repellent Wetsuits

Scouring dashboards and the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.


If you’re a gadget lover, you’ve probably already heard about the upcoming ‘smart watch’ trend that various brands are gearing up for—but forget wrists, get those fingers in the air as it looks like jewellery’s next up to receive the wearable tech treatment. The NFC Ring might look like a normal accessory, but it’s jam-packed with all sorts of clever features, including the ability to share information wirelessly, link people and unlock mobile phones (and even actual doors). Even better, it’s small, slick and doesn’t ever need charging. NFC has already generated $150,000 over their original Kickstarter goal of $30,000, so they might be landing in stores sooner than you think. 


If (like us) you spend more time on Tumblr than is probably considered healthy, why not suit up and look the part too? Netstyl.es is an online store specialising in tees with a twist, featuring original artwork by some of URL’s best known artists and designers. Names like Ryder RippsTabor Robak and Travis Egedy (aka Pictureplane) have created tees in the past, but this week we’re all about these new Veil of Present Futures designs from Sterling Crispin and James W Magnum 3. Get your hands on one now for $147.  


OK, so maybe it does look like something from an Alien sequel, but this Algaculture Symbiosis Suit is able to grow actual food while being worn. Designed by artists Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta (aka Burton Nitta), the garment captures sunlight from its surroundings and carbon dioxide from a series of tubes placed in front of the mouth, feeding it to a population of edible algae growing inside the suit. In addition to providing an alternative food source, the idea is that humans will eventually become “semi-photosynthetic”, with algae and person relying on each other for survival in a mutually beneficial relationship. Good news for hardcore vegetarians maybe, but we’re gonna hold out till they develop one that can make pizza. 


We’re always down to see a super-sweet new car model, and this time round it’s Audi who has rolled out the big guns, having created a futuristic concept car inspired by the upcoming sci-fi film Ender’s Game. Designed to blend into the world of the movie, the Fleet Shuttle Quattro is created with an aerodynamic shape, encased wheels and rear-opening scissor doors (similar to the model the brand created for I, Robot in 2004). 


If you’re set to catch a late vacation this summer, make sure you pack those essentials. Sun cream, towel—and your new shark repellent wetsuit, obvs. Giving a little peace of mind for people who like to hit the surf, an Australian company called SAMS (aka Shark Attack Mitigation Systems) has developed a range of wetsuits to help keep Jaws at bay. One design comes with a blue camouflage-style print, helping to conceal swimmers from a shark’s gaze. The other is striped to resemble a sea snake (above), which sharks don’t like to eat. However, they might look cool, but neither suit has been tested out in the field yet—take care in those waters yo. 


Hey girl, we know you’ve got a load of stuff going on in your life. You’re busy, things are happening—so your lingerie collection may have suffered a little as a result. If you’re after some underwear on the go, check out a new bra vending machine from international lingerie label Wacoal. Unveiled at its Une NaNa Cool speciality brand shop in Shibuya Japan last week, the machine is stocked with a range of wireless Fun Fun Week bras (gotta love that name)—simply check out the sizing chart, insert money, select the style you want and you’re (push)up and away. 

William Edwin Wright and Charlotte McManus are creative director and editor at LOGO, respectively. LOGO is a London-based collective of stylists, photographers, designers, and directors specialising in making creative fashion content for the internet and beyond.