Viral Style: Fingerprints Could Replace Credit Cards & Other Fashion News

Scouring dashboards and the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.

A weekly roundup of what's happening at the intersection of tech and fashion.


Okay, so we’ve all heard of hackers bringing corporations to their knees with viruses, leaking confidential info and even attacking government websitesbut setting style trends? I think this one's probably a first for us. Check out Itokawa Film, a brand new fashion project from menswear designer Samuel Membery and artist James Ari King that creates apparel, art, and accessories inspired by the creation and exchange of 100s of digitally manipulated images of URL ‘hacker art.'


In 2k13’s hyper-fast world, products like dry shampoo and hand sanitizer are helping us to cut out unnecessary cleaning—but who really has time to wash their clothes anymore? A new shirt start-up called Wool&Prince has developed a versatile Cotton-Soft wool material that is naturally anti-wrinkle and odor-fighting—meaning that shirts only need to be washed once a year. Seriously. Practical or gross? We’re not sure, but if you head over to their Kickstarter page you can make your contribution towards a no-clean future. 


No lie, iPhones are great—but we all know it totally sucks when that fragile screen gets cracked after you've been promising to get a case for it for ages but never actually got around to it. Luckily, Plastic Logic have created a new flexible handset called MorePhone, which is built out of ‘smart memory’ wires in a slim plastic display. Whenever a call or notification comes through, the MorePhone contracts and curls up—you can even set corners to rapidly bend up and down if you get an urgent msg. 


… And if you've copped the phone though you might well want to find yourself a pair of jeans that will prevent any of those awkward 'phone bulges.' We're long time fans of Alphyn Idustries phone friendly clothing and now I/O Denim are getting in on the action with these new jeans that come with a pocket on the left leg that’s positioned between the knee and hip and made to fit any devices with a 4.8-inch screen or smaller (including Galaxy S and iPhones). No more awkward fumbling any time you get a call? We'red own.


We can't tell if Google Glass is going to change life as we know it, or go down as one of the biggest lifestyle/tech flops of all time; frankly the memory of Google wave haunts us to this day. One thing I think we CAN agree on though, is that the technology looks pretty damn cool. For those who are still unsure of how it all actually work though Google have released a new video explaining how to get started with the technology. Basically the phone display appears in front of your eye and the frames of the glasses as a touchpad. Sounds like it could be awkward for selfies but I imagine there will be updates to deal with that. 


This one's not strictly style based but definitely seems like it could well be playing a role in your weekly tour of local fashion retailers some time soon. Making the next big leap from touchless credit cards, a new technology has been developed that allows users to pay for products with the touch of a finger. Paytouch have created a biometric terminal that’s linked to a user’s card details, allowing shoppers to hit the checkout using their fingerprints alone. First introduced at Ibiza’s Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Paytouch is looking to launch terminals in Spain, Europe, and the US over the next year—you’ll never have to worry about losing your card again! Might be dangerous if they start cropping up in bars though… 

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