Viral Style: A/C Vests And Social Media Bracelets

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We’ve heard about apps and FuelBands that can collect data on things like sleep patterns and physical activity, but the idea of a piece of wearable tech that can actually monitor brain activity feels like something out of a sci-fi film. The Emotiv Insight is a wireless multichannel neuroheadset that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to translate brainwaves into meaningful data, meaning the wearer can optimise his/her brain fitness. It also looks pretty slick to boot.

"Wearable devices have gained a lot of momentum in recent years, but most of these devices are focused on tracking physical health. We feel that cognitive health and fitness is a key missing element. To have a comprehensive picture of one's health, we need both cognitive and physical well-being," Tan Le, Emotiv co-founder, told us. "We want to empower individuals to understand their own brain and to accelerate brain research globally. The best ways to achieve this is by making the enabling technology more affordable, easier to use and foster continued innovation by offering a development platform for developers and researchers."



As social media continues to infiltrate greater and greater parts of our daily lives, more of us are becoming increasingly unable to go a full half hour without checking our smartphones. If you’re one of these types, you’re gonna go nuts for the new EMBRACE+ project currently making waves on Kickstarterthis transparent silicone bracelet flashes to alert you to new updates while your phone is in your pocket/bag (perfect for when you’re at work or other annoyingly necessary social obligations). You can coordinate different colors to different social media platforms or other phone functions like incoming calls, and it’s even waterproof.


If you’re loaded and after a high-fashion piece of kit to hit the courts with (or, more likely, you want something cool for a talking point in your bedroom), the new Hermès basketball might just be for you. The luxury label have created a set of hand-crafted blue basketballs in celebration of the re-opening of its Beverly Hills boutique. It’ll only set you back $12,900, so uh, what are you waiting for?


There’s nothing worse than having to sweat away at your desk in a heatwave, but luckily a businessman in China has come up with a wearable solution. Wang Yan has invented a new vest that utilises actual air conditioning to keep you cool when the mercury soars, and can lower the temperature of the wearer by up to 20 degrees. The vest (retailing for about 200 yuan each or around $35) incorporates small tubes with tiny holes and a vortex tube that produces cool air, as well as impermeable fabric to lock it in.


Sorry coffee shops, your baristas will soon be out of business—thanks to the joint efforts of companies Briggo and Fuseproject, automated machine-made coffee will soon be just as good. Simply place your order with the Briggo Coffee Haus robot via a touchscreen (or through the companion iPhone app) and it’ll make it to your exact specifications, alerting you with a text message when your beverage is ready. It can even remember recipes by storing them in the cloud. Having seen a new design reboot, Briggo is planning to roll out the robot in high-demand places like airports and hospitals—but we’d happily take one in our kitchen! 

William Edwin Wright and Charlotte McManus are creative director and editor at LOGO, respectively. LOGO is a London-based collective of stylists, photographers, designers, and directors specialising in making creative fashion content for the internet and beyond.