Can't Make It To Coachella? No Worries, Experience It Through Vine Wall Instead

<i>Vine Wall</i> provides Coachella enthusiasts an interactive way of festival-going without ever having to leave home.

It’s that time of year again. When thousands of guys and gals pack their tents, strap on their wristbands, adorn flowers in their hair, and flock to Indio, CA for Coachella—a scorching hot desert valley party like no other.

But if you are fearful of sweating until you can't see, weary of sand getting in places you didn’t know existed, or just too broke to splurge for a ticket, take a deep breath, sit on your comfortable couch, and open-up your preciously familiar laptop. Coachella has gone virtual. You can catch all of the festival’s raging vibe on Vine Wall. A continuous, unmonitored live feed of every six second video clip tagged #Coachella, Vine Wall allows anyone and everyone with or without a ticket to catch the entertaining altered-states of festivalgoers, the most talked about band and musician sets, and all the vibrant scenery that only a huge valley in southern California can pull off.

Designed and developed by Tangible Interaction, the people behind Arcade Fire’s 2011 Coachella LED balls experience, Vine Wall is the result of the increasingly growing need for physical interactive products in the event industry. More over, it is the newest iteration of Social Mosa, a brandable mosaic that utilizes Twitter and Instagram for displays on large screens at events.

With mini-Coachella movies made and uploaded at a rapid pace, Vine Wall is the closest you will get to a comfortable and non-intrusive festival experience without ever having to get out of bed. Just max out your heater and it will be like you're there.