[VIDEO] - Where Good Ideas Come From

<p>Inspirational animated video explaining the circumstances that drive innovation.</p>

So much of what we cover here on The Creators Project has to do with creativity and innovation—the changemakers and trailblazers who are changing culture through visionary application of new technology, constantly pushing their craft forward. Most of us think of innovation as something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly—the prophetic “Eureka!” moment—but writer and researcher Steven Johnson has studied this process thoroughly and believes it happens through slow incubation of a really good hunch. Johnson recently gave a TED talk on the topic, and released the book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation (available for pre-order).

We wonder if the fast-paced nature and demand for instant gratification of the digital era will have any effect on the good idea timeframe. Does our hyper-paced virtual reality make for a faster maturation of hunches into full-fledged “a-ha!” moments? Or is it the case that some things, like good ideas, just can’t be rushed?

[via Brain Pickings]