[Video Premiere] Skrillex "Doompy Poomp” Directed by Fleur & Manu

This is how Skrillex does Groundhog Day.

We may be in for six more weeks of winter, but Skrillex is giving us his own take on Groundhog Day with the premiere of “Doompy Poomp,” the new music video directed by Fleur & Manu and produced in conjunction with The Creators Project.

When the award-winning French directing duo set out to create “Doompy Poomp,” they decided to put a twist on the classic "neverending bad day" scenario. Seen here, the repeated events of one man’s struggle to get a bank loan become a Dog Day Afternoon-meets-Groundhog Day-worthy game of “spot the difference” when the characters and situations successively get rearranged.

"It was a really weird song and more of a joke I made a while ago," explains Skrillex of the track off the album, Recess. "Fleur and Manu are some of my favorite directors/artists out there. Period. I have always wanted to work with them. A lot of my fans don’t get this song and a lot of them hate this song as well so I that's why I thought it would be even more cool to do something with Fleur & Manu."

In order to portray the song’s revolving rhythmic structure, the directors, who in the past created M83’s music video trilogy in addition to projects for Gesaffelstein and Sébastien Tellier, decided to create a closed but inconsistent narrative wherein the people, places, and themes change while the basic story arc remains the same. “This crazy loop, weirdly evolving made us think of this journey," Fleur & Manu state in the project’s original treatment. "A guy goes into a bank asking for a loan. Whatever happens he always ends up with his application denied. Every time the result doesn’t end in his favor, he ‘bends reality’ to try again and the loop continues."

It’s like an increasingly psychedelic visual game of telephone, a contained-yet-sprawling experimental story that bends the rules of time and space using sexy bankers, samurai swords, and even a live bear. The result is a world of change and discontinuity that breaks down the maddening mundanity of going to the bank. Watch “Doompy Poomp” above or on its custom site

And enjoy a final statement from Fleur & Manu:

doompy poomp is about a guy who gets in a bank and asks for a loan.

poompy doomp si abuot a guy woh gest ni a kanb and asks fro a loan.

mopody pomo auot si gyu a wwho gests ina nekab dna aksk ofr lano.

mody popomo auotis gyaa wo guest ina kebab nada aakk oofr lasso.

nobody poom audio gyoza woo chest nana kebab dna hacked from sony.

For more from Fleur & Manu, check out our documentary on their M83 trilogy below:


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