Video Marsh's Mysterious Video For Nicolas Jaar's Remix Of Shlohmo

<p>The unidentifiable textures of &#8220;Rained The Whole Time.&#8221;</p>

The video above, Nicolas Jaar‘s remix of Shlohmo’s “Rained The Whole Time” just oozes mystery, from the sound of shattering shale to the guitar tremolo to the quickening pace and subsequent drop. A track like this needs visual accompaniment that follows suit.

Video Marsh created a video for “Rained The Whole Time” that looks like the perspective of a microscopic cell travelling through layers of a human body in slow motion. Either that or these are the depths of the ocean that everyone speculates about but only James Cameron has seen. Or maybe this is what happens when you pour ketchup into milk.

It’s rather open to interpretation, but what it actually is we will likely never know, as the man behind this video is just as mysterious as the song itself. Despite our attempts at cracking his trade secrets, Nic Brown of Video Marsh keeps his visual sources clandestine, and it’s probably a good idea. If everyone knew where he found his ethereal, hallucinogenic video material, they’d probably jack his style. Here are a few words from him about the above video.

The Creators Project: A lot of Video Marsh videos have an ethereal, trippy quality to them. What inspires this aesthetic?
Nic Brown:
I’m inspired by emotion. I just try things and see how it feels. It’s very non-intellectual. As far as other humans go, Andrei Tarkovsky has been the primary influence on Video Marsh from day one, although on a mostly philosophical level.

How did you draw on the sound of the track for this particular video?
I’m not sure. The song told me what to do, and I didn’t really question it.