Using Propellers, LEDs, And Lasers To Recreate The Feeling Of Nature

<p>&#8220;Flying Stick&#8221; uses new technologies to inspire ideas about age-old mysteries of the natural world.</p>

It isn’t rare that artists find themselves grappling with the mysteries of the natural world. From Homer’s epics to Monet’s landscapes, all the way up to Andy Goldsworthy’s tedious rock sculptures, creators have forever attempted to understand nature, not through the quantifiable measures of math or science, but by evoking certain intangible truths that aren’t easily pinned down. Atelier GH’s recent installation, Flying Stick, which was on display at this year’s Paris Motor Show, doesn’t stray far from this creative tradition.

The installation employs 60 “flying sticks” in order to produce an environment that echos the sounds and feelings of nature. Each stick consists of a propeller, a water sprayer, an LED light, and a laser. These components work together to create what the artist calls a “poetic techno-ecosystem.” Wind, light, and water are all included in the installation’s robotic repertoire. Without staking claims to any definitions, the installation places viewers “in the middle of a technological metaphor of the phenomena of nature,” where they are left to draw their own ideas and definitions about what that metaphor means.

Images courtesy of Atelier GH, 2012

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