Unwind To This Relaxing Harmony Created Using 12 Different Audiovisual Frames

<p><i>Forest and Trees</i> by Keita Onishi is a graphical, Zen-like instrument.</p>

Forest and Trees from Keita Onishi on Vimeo.

Too much stimulation is often cited as one of the ills of the modern world leaving us unable to just switch off, shutdown, and take some time out. But, you know, sometimes more is better when it comes to relaxing, at least that’s the case with the audiovisual piece Forest and Trees by Keita Onishi.

In his installation he uses 12 digital photo frames each with their own moving image and accompanying sound. These components then slowly come together to create en engrossing, and very relaxing, piece of music.

Each component is its own graphical instrument which gradually grows into a Zen-like symphony that’s easy on the mind—the sort of thing you can watch endlessly, like an audiovisual stress ball that saps the day’s worries away.

[via FastCoDesign]