United Visual Artist's New Public Installations

<p>Two new projects from the colorful collective.</p>

Our favorite immersive light-based artist collective, UVA, has two new permanent public art works in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Square. The first is called Canopy which they explain as:

“Inspired by the experience of walking through the dappled light of a forest, Canopy is a 90-meter long light sculpture spanning the front facade of the building, using mass production and precise fabrication to evoke and reflect nature. Thousands of identical modules, their form abstracted from the geometry of leaves, are organized in a non-repeating growth pattern.

During the day, apertures in the modules filter natural light to the street below. After dusk, particles of artificial light are born, navigate through the grid and die, their survival determined by regions of energy sweeping across the structure. The result simultaneously recalls the activity of cells within a leaf, leaves in a forest canopy, or a city seen from the air."

The second is Connection, a responsive light installation. “The work consists of an array of vertical luminaires integrated into a pedestrian bridge, used to create oscillations of color and geometry based on human movement. This transforms the rigid structure of the bridge into a fluid entity that transmits the rhythm of the crowd to its surroundings.” So if you’re in the area, go bath in its neon glow.