Twitchy GIFs Made From Stereoscopic Photographs

<p>An exercise in the beauty of simplicity, these two-frame <span class="caps">GIF</span> animations have got us seeing double.</p>

We’re loving these beautiful GIF animations from Portland-based art director Matt Moore. For this project, called 3ERD, Moore used a Lumix GH2 camera with an interchangeable 3D lens to take stereoscopic photographs, capturing the same image from two different vantage points positioned inches apart. Instead of layering the resulting images on top of one another to create a 3D effect, Moore turned them into animated GIFs, twitching ever so slightly from the minuscule difference in perspective. The resulting effect creates images that have a sense of depth and three dimensional quality to them (without the need for pesky glasses).

The stereoscopic technique reminds us of creator Sebastian Denz and his 3D skateboarding photography. Watch our video profile of Denz to learn more about the technique below:

Images courtesy of Matt Moore.