Turning Video Games Into Live Music: Meet Tacit Group

<p>Rather than making art with technology, they find art hidden within technology.</p>

To Tacit Group, algorithmic art is like setting up an elaborate wind chime and allowing the breeze to compose the song. The music is incidental within a deliberate construct, and these constructs are far more complex than any wind chime.

With a name inspired by John Cage's ā€œ4'33,ā€ the team of Korean artists and performers heavily incorporate elements of gaming into their audiovisual projects, creating gaming interactions that create music as a byproduct of playing. Implementing their concepts using real-time projection mapping and computer graphics, Tacit Group revolutionizes the concept of sound and performance in Korea's media art scene.

Since 2008, Tacit has built upon the complementary talents of Jae Ho Jang and Jin Won Lee (aka Gazaebal). Jang is trained in the classics while Lee is proficient with contemporary electronic music. Pair that with Korea's obsession with gaming culture and you have an inimitable union of electro-acoustic music and improvised interaction.

Take for instance, Puzzle 15 pictured below, an improvisation of the classic puzzle game. Performers compete with each other to solve puzzles of their virtually scrambled tile faces. In the meantime, the game is designed to generate various melodies according to the patterns of matched tiles. And so the game ensues through the spontaneous experience of the performers and in turn results in accidental audio.

Puzzle 15

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