Turning Fire Into A Musical Tool

<p>In their short film <i>Combustion</i> Possible Metrics turn the hypnotic sight of flames into an audiovisual experience.</p>

Don’t play with fire, the saying goes. But whoever came up with that wasn’t talking about it in the context of an audiovisual tool—in that case, it’s perfectly OK to play with fire no matter what your elders tell you.

Fire and music have always had a bit of a shared history, all the way from a Rubens’ tube to those love-them/hate-them fire jugglers at festivals. Possible Metrics, who previously turned falling objects into musical instruments, take one of man’s oldest examples of visual entertainment and turn the splutterings and cracklings of the flames into a musical tool in their short film Combustion.

You could argue that fire is hypnotic enough with or without accompanying music, but this uses subtle sounds to match the roar and flicker of the flames and the simmering of the embers. Now they should turn it into an installation using actual fire. Hazards be damned.

[via Vimeo]