Turn Yourself Into A Vintage (And Slightly Creepy Looking) Criminal With Mugshot Yourself

<p>Kevin Slavin, Rachel Garcia, and Kenyatta Cheese use facial recognition software to turn you into an old school outlaw.</p>

Ever fancied yourself as an outlaw? A Bonnie or a Clyde? Chasing the thrill of the heist and running from the five-o as you scamper across the country before going down in history as a romantic folk hero, inspiring songs from drunken Frenchmen and rap megastars? We all harbor a little of that desire, running free like the wind as we take on The Man.

Chances are you’re too attached to social media and a view out your window that doesn’t feature steel bars to ever really head off on a bank-robbing spree. But you can play pretend with this new app called Mugshot Yourself from Kevin Slavin, Rachel Garcia, and Kenyatta Cheese. It was made for BBC America and it blends your face with vintage mugshots from Mark Michaelson’s “Least Wanted” collection. The collection features around 10,000 American crims from the 1870s to the 1960s who have been immortalized with their booking ID.

This is me looking, well, looking weird, frankly.

It transforms your face into criminals of old using Face.com‘s facial recognition API, gathering information about the angle and rotation of your face and the lighting conditions in the room to blend your image. It was inspired by Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald’s work on real-time face replacement using openFrameworks.

So go! Go become a wayward delinquent of old in a creepy, is-that-really-me kinda way.