Turn Your Living Room Into A Geometric Maze

<p>American contemporary artist Bara Yurukoglu uses geometric theorems and a splash of light to design a futuristic room.</p>

Die Zukunft is an unusual installation from Bahar Yurukoglu that can turn any boring white room—an office, an unfurnished room, a classroom, or the traditional “white cube,” a gallery—into an evolving vortex of splashing colors and geometric perspectives. Looking at once like something straight out of the Bauhaus era while also presenting a vision of the future (if we’re to take its German title literally), Die Zukunft seems to imagine a world of holographic displays combined with sophisticated and soothing lightning patterns that could adapt to our daily activities and ever-changing moods.

Despite its minimalist approach, this installation is not exactly sober or subdued. It uses fundamental principles of geometry and the Euclidean notion of plane figures to manipulate and, ultimately, transcend light. Really simple polygonal shapes made of acrylic glass tiles are adhered to the walls and ceiling, which, when hit by projected rays of colored light, give birth to a complex network of shadows, glares and cones of light. The result is an overflowing sculptural environment of juxtaposed colors that conveys a feeling of depth and sharp relief to the narrowest and dullest room.