Turn Your iTunes Library Into A Music Game With Tap-a-Tape

<p>No longer will you be stuck with the hair metal classics preloaded to your game.</p>

The biggest issue with a lot of mainstream music games is that you’re stuck with whatever music it came preloaded with. So if you can’t stand Journey and would never rock Dragon Force on your iPod, why should you be stuck clicking away in time with their songs while playing a game? Well, now you have another option. And I don’t mean buying a real live instrument and actually spending your efforts learning how to play it.

From Ultrasonic Audio, the folks who brought us the Syntact, Tap-a-Tape ensures that you can remain lost in your own little world of music and never have to deal with the taste of whomever made your game. It allows you to select any song from your phone and play along with it, tapping away at two tape reels, hitting them as soon as they land in the player. Mess up, and your song will go all pitch crazy, slowing down or speeding up to incomprehensibility. If you can mess up just right, you might even have a nice little remix on your hands.

If you’re as bad at music games as I am, then you’ll hear nothing but chaos, but thankfully I’ve got a taste for avant garde jams. I apologize to Lorn for mangling his track “None An Island” on my lunch break.

If you’re on your phone, try out Tap-a-Tape here. It’s free!