Turn A Year Of Your Tweets Into A Laser-Etched Necklace

<p>The Data Necklace from Stef Lewandowski visualizes your tweets into acrylic jewelry.</p>

A few weeks back we mentioned the Art Meets Tech hackathon that took place in London, where the aim was to produce pieces from publicly available data. One of the winners of the event was The Data Necklace from Stef Lewandowski, which visualizes your tweets and turns them into a piece of jewelry you can wear around your neck.

So if you’re attached to your tweets and you want them to live on offline, then you can get them turned into a laser cut acrylic necklace. The necklace gets etched with a selection of your tweets from the last year, displaying them as twelve beads on a silver chain each showing a month of data, so you can proudly show off your Twitter activity. Which is fine, just as long as you didn’t have a year long spat with someone.

And if wearing your social media data as jewelry is your thing, then you could pair this necklace with a nice pair of earrings made from your Foursquare check-in data. Sensational!