“Tron” Meets Edouard Salier In These Retro-Futuristic GIFs

Argentina's KIDMOGRAPH brings a new aesthetic to cyberpunk sci-fi.

Bursting onto the scene from Argentina, motion graphics wizard KIDMOGRAPH is responsible for a Tumblr filled with just the right kind of retro-futuristic neon GIF goodness to ensure your Friday gets off to a very sci-fi start. The self-made motionagrapher—also known as Gustavo Torres—uses AfterEffects to create the right sort of Miami Vice-meets-Videodrome-styled moving pictures that earn you a place art directing videos for Kanye West and getting the first artist's spotlight on Giphy (click for an intervew)

So while we space out into KIDMOGRAPH's neverworlds and virtual realities, we'd like to invite you to come up with backstories for the following GIFs. What pop-culture/sci-fi universe did they spawn from? Post your ideas in the comments below!

For more technotropic awesomeness, be sure to visit KIDMOGRAPH on Tumblr. h/t WeTheUrban


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