Trevor Jackson Takes Us on a Spin Through Music History

<p>Catch the seasoned DJ at our London event</p>

A veteran and master of audio-visual culture, creator Trevor Jackson is an art director, graphic designer, movie and music maker, fashion designer, producer, DJ, remixer, record cover artist, and label owner (the seminal, highly respected and now sadly defunct Output Recordings to name but one of many). You could call him a polymath of extraordinary talent and vision, or an innovator of incredible aesthetic reach, but he's happy with the more modest moniker commercial artist.

Way back in the 1980s, Jackson was using technology to further and complement his artistic endeavors, while simultaneously designing album covers for house and hip-hop records through his design company Bite It!. Since then, he's been a major influence on dance music, both in terms of the music he's made and remixed, and the impactful, boldly original record sleeves he's designed. He jumpstarted electroclash with his band Playgroup, and was kicking down genre boundaries with the hip-hop psychedelic avant-garde dub he created as Underdog even earlier. Jackson's influence is shaped not only by his own music but also the prolific bands he's signed and distributed, which include LCD Soundsystem, the Rapture, and Four Tet.

His is a virtual minefield of musical history, which is why you'll not want to miss his DJ set at our London Event this Saturday, where he’ll showcase his informed musical tastes. Until then, have a listen to his seductive electro jam “Make It Happen.”