"Trace" Serves Up A 65-Foot-Wide Stop Motion Tennis Match

Behind-the-scenes of the Kijek / Adamski-created looping animation comprised of 17,000 stills.

Images courtesy of the artists

As was the case when we played the largest Tetris game ever, when it comes to colorful, bit-styled graphics, bigger is often better.

Such is the case for Trace, the stop motion project by animation duo Kijek / Adamski (and co-produced by Strange Beast and Passion Paris) currently on display at La Gaîté Lyrique, which spans 20 meters (or 65 feet) across Paris' fabled culture center. Designed as part of the ongoing Motion Factory animation exhibition, Tricks of the Animation Trade, Trace comprises over 17,000 still frames into its single, seamless loop of two silhouettes playing a game of tennis. 

As is also the case with many a spectacle, serious documentation provides the best behind-the-scenes of the. Below, we dive into the process which went from green screen photography, through laser cutting, and finally through to stop motion:

Przemyslaw Adamski (L) and Katarzyna Kijek (R) stand beside their 20m creation.

Trace is ongoing at La Gaîté Lyrique at the Motion Factory exhibition through August 10. 


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